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Large Gauge

Larger gauge stretched piercings.
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Big Lobes, etc.
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This is a community for people with lobes 5/8in or bigger, and can also be used to discuss stretching other types of piercings.

Rules: (only 3)

-Please do not advertise your jewelry here. For that I direct you to bod_mod_trade or gaugetrade. You are welcome to mention that you are selling jewelry, but it should not be the main point of your post. Also, do not advertise other communities here unless it is directly related to this topic.

-Please try to keep your posts on topic. You do not have to have large lobes, but please keep your discussions related to them. Off-topic posts will be deleted.


-Please be respectful. Opposing opinions are always welcome, but use your common sense. No name calling, bashing, or any of that other lame shit. We're all adults here.


Any questions or comments can be directed to me, 50ft_eyesores